images from the blur.

since my trip to new york went by in a blink, my only memories are connected to the few photos i took.

the mysterious falling coat hangers at the edison hotel.

the scientology center near the hotel that juan and i almost went into to get our thetan levels tested. would the brownies juan made mess up the results?

late night new york pizza, it really dosen’t get much better.

great vegetarian food, i’ve walked by this place many times and never even thought about going in, my  friend leslie here in portland recommended the place. juan and i had a quick lunch there with keight and erika.

part of the fantastic vegan bakery case at lifethyme natural market. erika brought us here, it was right across the street from gobo. they had and amazing array of vegan and raw foods. i had the vegan tiramasu, it was amazing.

two beers at a time at mcsorley’s, you can get light or dark. this place is a trip. erika apparently knows all the fun places to go. mcsorley’s was one of the last pubs in new york to allow women in, they still put fresh sawdust on the floor.

i finally made it to the nintendo world store at rockefeller center. being a nintendo fanboy this was kind of a nerdy dream of mine. i am usually with groups of people and have always been a little ashamed to drag them to it, i had a couple of hours to myself before i had to head to the airport, so i took the chance to go. while they didn’t have the huge selection i thought they would, they did have some good finds. i had no idea this game even existed.

  1. Josh said:

    I’m assuming you bought Hell’s Kitchen. Please follow up with a review.

  2. exit. said:

    no, i couldn’t justify $40 on it. maybe if it was $9.99.

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