felt like i was trapped.

new moon is the second book in stephenie meyer’s teenage vampire series. she continues the story of bella and her woeful love of the vampire edward. in this book edward and his family had left town in an effort to keep bella safe. unfortunately it doesn’t work out that way. there is a lot more action in this book and at times was quite exciting. much like the first book, new moon is a really well written teen novel. at times stephenie meyer lean a bit too heavy on the melodramatic, but she makes up for it with well thought out and paced storytelling. it’s going to be a while till i can read the last two books in the series. they are only available in hardcover, and they are huge, definitely not messenger bag friendly.

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  1. Hailey said:

    I loved all 4 books. I’ve read them over and over, my copy of twilight is in horrible condition, haha. I think it might be awhile before breaking dawn will be in paperback, but eclipse should be shortly.

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