i would invite madonna to my party.

last week i went took a whirlwind trip to new york city to accompany juan to two of the madonna shows at madison square garden. both shows were pretty great, madonna knows how to put on show. the last time i saw her was during the re-invention tour in 2004, while the show was fantastic, it had some strange pseudo-serious overtones. this time it was pure fun.

she played the same set both nights, focusing mainly on hard candy and pulling out some old favorites. the guitar driven rendition of “borderline” won me over, i previously found that song rather whiny. her choreography had a very eighties and america’s best dance crew feel. her stage show is a spectacle of lights, lasers and transformable video screens. if you get the chance to see madonna you should go.

the set list:
candy shop
beat goes on
human nature
into the groove
she’s not me
devil wouldn’t recognize you
spanish lesson
miles away
la isla bonita
you must love me
4 minutes
like a prayer
ray of light
hung up
give it 2 me

these pictures are from the first night. we were much closer on the second night, but i trusted juan to take the pictures. unfortunately his brownie stoned ass lost the camera, lucky for him we found it at the end of the show when they turned up the lights.

on the first night juan’s friend will met up with us, he likes to dress up and get all sorts of attention. here he’s getting interviewed by the news.

aside from the madonna shows, i got to spend a very little amount of time with some of my nyc friends. lunch with keight was short and delicous, shopping and drinks with erika happened too quickly, drinks and breakfast with russ went by like a blur. my next trip to the east coast won’t be till some time next year, but i will be sure to spend more time with my friends there and less time running around.

  1. Morgan said:

    Damn, and I thought I was the only one with Madonna’s face tattooed on my crotch…

  2. Juan said:

    Yes indeed the show was AMAZING and we are a leaving proved of it but I have to say that the crow in Boston was much fun and full of energy….NYC not so much

    Long Leave the Queen….. can’t wait to have her back home with her kids

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