talking on the patio.

last night was the bug with warrior queen at rotture. a couple of years ago i was rather obsessed with the bug’s record pressure, recently he released the equally excellent london zoo. he is one of the leading ragga dancehall producers to come out of england, he approaches dancehall with a from an experimental (yet accessible) angle. his timing and use of random noise takes ragga dancehall to a new level. on this tour the bug brought along warrior queen, an emcee from jamaica, who has appeared on a couple of his singles.

jessica and i got to the venue around 9:30, doors were supposed to open at nine, and found out that the staff just got there and none of the equipment was even set up yet. so doors weren’t going to open till ten, so we went for a walk and found a bar to have a drink. after our overly priced and watered down drink we went back to rotture. we then had two hours to kill while they set up and the opening dj went on. thankfully rotture has a nice back patio so we just talked and looked at the view. the opening dj spun a fine set of generic dub, but he seriously needs to work on his mixing skills, almost every transition was a train wreck. he seemed to play forever and we were getting tired.

finally the bug came on and took us on a greatest hits tour of his albums and singles. the live productions added new levels of bass and textures of noise. but what we really wanted to see was his set with warrior queen, we needed her live energy since we were so tired. about forty five minutes into his set she finally came on stage. she commanded the stage and took the bug’s set into a new space, her presence was needed. unfortunately we were exhausted and left after about five of her songs, sadly not seeing “poison dart”.

if only the evening wasn’t cursed by lateness.

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  1. Josh said:

    Nice. Glad you got to see the show. I wanted to see it here in Seattle but ticket prices were $25 and it was part of Decibel festival.
    Not many people into him up here either.A lot of reviews and comments were that he really didn’t bring it and or he lowered the bar for electronic music. I didn’t see the show but something about electronic music fans around here stink. Ben digs him tho.
    Still have to get London Zoo.

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