the elephant man burger.

over the past few months rachelle and bridget have inundated me with science fiction and fantasy books. while i am enjoying them immensely, i am suffering from a bit of a sci-fi burn out. thankfully rachelle presented me with gastroanomalies on my last trip up to seattle. rachelle and i spent hours laughing over james lileks book the gallery of regrettable foods, and this second book of food related ephemera doesn’t disappoint either. the only disappointing thing about it was that i couldn’t share my joy with rachelle, since i read it here in portland. morgan and i have spent a bit of time with it, laughing loudly as we flip the pages.

mr lileks specialty is collecting old cook books, recipes and ads and poking fun at them. he has similar books about interior design and parenting, both of which i highly recommend. the only drawback to the book is that sometimes he doesn’t tell you what the food is, and it is generally all unrecognizable, so it would help to know what it was meant to be. that’s really a minor drawback though.

mr lileks also maintains a website full of various craps that is a great way to waste time.
the institute of official cheer.


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