swim with me my sister.

with antony being on a mini symphonic tour right now, the antony world is all a twitter. this week also brought two new antony related videos.

first is a video called fallen shadows produced for prada’s fall collection. a stunning song called “a great white ocean” is used for the soundtrack. the song may or may not be on the new antony and the johnsons album called the crying light. we have to wait till january to find out though.

then the video for antony’s duet with bjork “dull flame of desire”, from bjork’s fantastic album volta. “dull flame” is just a masterpiece of a song. every time i hear it i fall in love again. i am not sure how i feel about the video, i wish there were more actual antony and bjork, and they cut two minutes from the song.

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  1. Juan said:

    I saw both videos and I really like the Prada one but i love the song with Bjork….. it’s relaxing……. Of course I also wish I was at the show with you but at least got a poster from that….

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