with all the feathers.

i have long been a fan of dance movies, which i (and i’m sure others) often refer to as danceploitations. it probably started with girls just want to have fun, i remember watching that repeatedly. i have never really had many people to watch danceploitations with, here in portland though i have found a group of people. the group gathered recently to watch step up 2: the streets. i’ve never seen the first step up, i have never been a fan of balletsploitations, they tend to be more romantic and less about dance numbers.

when the trailers for step up 2 starting airing i knew it was going to be good, after failing to mobilize the group to see it in theaters we finally got to see it on dvd. wow, what a great danceploitation. at times they try a little to hard to inject a plot, but the dance numbers more than make up for the clunky forced plot.

especially this number, which is the fantastic final number, so if you plan on watching the movie you might not want to watch this.

everyones favorite character in the movie was moose, played by adam sevani. when i was looking for clips of this movie i came upon an interesting online battle between miley cyrus, her friend mandy and adam sevani teamed up with jon chu (the director of step up 2). i don’t really understand anything miley cyrus related and her part of the dance battles are horrible. miley and mandy head up the m&m cru, while adam and jon have the acdc. i won’t torture you with all the videos but the second acdc video has some pretty good dancing.

the acdc comback.

the midly comical final battle, that took place on some awards show that i have never heard of.


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