as if we’d been saved.

i tend to wait a week to write my book reviews, that way i have time to process and think about the book. but with this boy’s life, it’s been a couple of weeks. i found most of the book rather simple and formulaic, in fact i even forgot about it till i saw that i started a draft of this review. while the book is a memoir, it is written  more like a fiction book. the writing often reminded me of the hardy boys books i read as a kid. it wasn’t till the last section of the book that i think tobias wolff found is own voice, and the book took on a more memoir tone. it is also the only section of the book that didn’t make it into the movie adaptation, so i wonder if it was the newness of the story?

morgan really liked this book and mr wolff’s second book about his time in vietnam, in pharaoh’s army. i certainly did not connect with the book like morgan did, i’m sure i’ll pick up his second book at some point. i have to make it through the sea of science fiction books that have been lent to me by rachelle and morgan’s aunt first.

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