a sad day for the comics.

i am proud that this is my 100th post.

reading the paper has been part of my daily routine since i was about ten or eleven. part of reading the paper is reading the daily comic strips. only one comic has followed me throughout the years, for better or for worse, written and drawn by lynn johnston. it is a serial comic about the patterson family. what made this comic so special is that the characters aged and went through a lot of very real problems. the strip printed its final comic in today’s sunday paper bringing to a close 29 years of the pattersons.

when i started reading the strip i had no idea how connected to the characters i would become. i am the same age a michael, the oldest son, and really grew up with him. i was also strongly moved by how mrs johnston handled the coming out of the first gay comic strip character, way back in 1993. a couple of years ago mrs johnston announced that she was going the end the strip in few years, and for the first time in my life i wrote a fanboy letter to her via the for better or for worse website. i told her all about my connection to the patternsons, i think in a way i really wanted them to take place of my family. i was so happy when i got a personal reply from her thanking me for my kind words.  i am really going to miss the pattersons.

starting tomorrow, the story will begin again. lynn johnston will do a kind of directer’s cut of the series from the beginning, adding new art and changing things a bit. so although the story is over, the pattersons are not going away.

go here to to be able to read it.


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