things have been a little quiet.

it seems that for the past month or so all i’ve really done is watched televsion, read books, and gone to a couple of movies. well, that’s about to change. over the next few weeks i have lots of shows and events planned. starting tomorrow when i go up to seattle for the radiohead show on wednesday. i cannot explain how excited i am for this. plus ginger has flown in from minneapolis for the show, it’s been almost a year since i’ve seen her.

i know radiohead are going to be awesome, i’ve been listening to some of the new bootlegs and they seem to be in top form. the setlists sound pretty good to, i don’t think they’ve played “morning bell” at all, which is a very good thing. “talk show host” has popped up a couple of times, keep you fingers crossed for me. i tried to stay away from youtube clips, but i broke down. this tour’s light show seems amazing.

here’s a shot from the a show in may.

my favorite bootlegs from this tour so far. big thank go to the people over at atease for keeping up with the bootlegs.

chicago 8-1-08 (this is missing “airbag”, but i am ok with that because of the superior audio quality.

mansfield ma 8-13-08


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