finally a rational response.

after reading so much about this book i picked it up at powell’s on a whim. for those not in the know twilight is the first in a series young adult of books about vampires.  this series has become quite a phenomenon, much in the vein of the harry potter and the his dark materials series.

twilight centers on bella who moves to forks wa, on the olympic peninsula, to live with her father. shortly after starting school she starts hanging out with the mysterious edward, who turns out to be a vampire. edward is part of a clan of vampires that do not feed on humans, so the story doesn’t directly go in that direction. the first half of the book is written more like a romance and moves rather slowly, and in my opinion got a little boring. once the romance is out of the way things get more interesting as we learn more about the clan and another clan of uncontrollable vampires is introduced.

sure, i’ll read the next book in the series, but i have a hard time recommending this book to most people. if you like vampire stories, and want a good beach or plane book, this would be good. but if your looking for the next great young adult book series, this isn’t it.


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