why gary coleman?

i have been fairly sick for the last few days, that combined with the hot weather i have been very unmotivated. my illness started last friday when i noticed a soar throat. saturday morning i woke up full on sick, unfortunately we had a weekend of activities planned, i decided that i was going to ignore my illness and hoped that it would go away. usually i am very good at not doing anything on my weekends, this weekend was the exception. saturday brought with it 100 degree weather, perfect weather for a birthday picnic in washington park for my workmate jamie. despite being ill, we had a great time relaxing in the shade eating cucumber sandwiches. after the picnic morgan and i went home and i sat on the couch and stewed in my illness and watched shut up and sing, the surprisingly interesting documentary about the dixie chicks and how they dealt with all the hype after saying that they were ashamed that bush was from texas.

the roses of washington park

on sunday we had plans to go to the north american organic brewers festival. emboldened with cold medicine i ventured on. we got together with some of morgan’s school chums and took the max to overlook park. thankfully it was much cooler today, it was even kind of cloudy and there was a chance of rain. i made it a point to try all sorts of i.p.a.s and ales, for the most part all of the beers were very good. the best one being the hair of the dog’s blue dot double i.p.a., brewed right here in portland.

after the brewers fest i met up with dana for our evening at the theater, we had tickets for avenue q. by the time we made it to the theater my cold medicine was long gone. the show was enjoyable, from what i could enjoy anyway. i kept having to blow my nose, and my ears were plugged up so i could just barely hear it. what i took away from avenue q is that it is a great collection of songs. i think that the songs may have been a bit too cartoony and simple, also they seemed to be more about the shock value than story development. never once did i actually care about the plot, which i think involved a male human puppet falling for a female monster puppet and want to help her open a monster school. i thought the concept of the monsters living along side the human was good, they should of fleshed that out more. tensions around that were hinted at but not ever explored. also i couldn’t help wondering why they went for such a similar look to sesame street. i had a good time, it just failed to connect with me.

it is now wednesday i am feeling much better, not 100% but at least 75%. i still have a froggy voice, when i have my voice. summer colds are the worst, and i will be glad when this is one is gone. it better. morgan and i are going up to seattle for the holiday weekend, and i will be working at the dish. i don’t see a day off till next weekend, it would really suck if it carries over till then.


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