finally one of the best television shows from my childhood is out on dvd, square pegs. it’s strange to think that i have the sex and the city movie to thank for it. square pegs was sarah jessica parker’s first big hollywood role, so they timed the release of the dvd with the s.a.t.c. movie.

i have memories of watching square pegs on my little tv that i had in my bedroom. although it was never mentioned i always suspected the show took place somewhere in connecticut, ct was a popular location for eighties televison. i used to walk around quoting it, it introduced me to “gag me with a spoon”, “gross me out the door”, and “totally different head, totally”. musically this show was an influence also, with guest spots done by the waitresses and devo, i was entranced by the punkier side of new wave.

over the years i would periodically meet people who remembered square pegs, but for the most part no else seemed to had seen it. almost ten years ago nick at nite ran a marathon of a bunch of the episodes and i managed to tape them. i watched that video so much that i almost wore it through, not to mention i would also lend it out, recruiting others to the cult. finally after years of waiting the complete series is mine.


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