the little movie that should.

i forget exactly where i read about colma: the musical, i just remember them saying it was a musical and vaguely gay. so i added to our netflix a while ago, i finally watched it yesterday, and boy what a suprise it was. this movie brightened my day. they pull off a new take on the musical, similar to hedwig and the angry inch, using pop and rock music successfully. i really appreciated how the songs never took on a concert or music video feel. they seemed natural in a way that is reminiscent of the classic musicals, west side story, guys and dolls, etc. never once did it seem weird or forced that they were singing. i might have to order the soundtrack. as for the acting, it was not always great, but they came off as a real group. lately morgan and i have been noting a lack of chemistry in movies, so it was great see this cast. highly recommended.

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