music to riot by.

this should have been up earlier in the week, morgan and i went to the m.i.a. show over a week ago. it has been delayed because (1) i went to seattle for the weekend, (2) i was really lazy on memorial day, and (3) i cut my finger and thumb on a broken glass at work on tuesday. the cuts would open up every time i started typing, they are much better now.

last friday we walked down to the roseland for the m.i.a. show. we wanted to get there a little early so we could get some good seats in the balcony. we were suprised that the place was already full when we got there a little after nine. the balcony of the roseland is also the 21and over section, and was already filled so we had to wait in a line while they let one person up for every one that came down. it’s a good thing that the bathrooms were downstairs or we never would of gotten up. morgan got up first and went to scope out the seats, i met up with him soon and we found the perfect seats in the front row on the right side. even thought the balcony was “full” the was really no one in the seats.

the opening dj, whose name i forget or never knew, did a great job of getting the crowd warmed up. the crowd was dancing, screaming and generally having a great time. then glass candy came on for their set. i have been a fan of glass candy since they still had the shattered theater with them. over the years they have evolved into a duo that focuses more on disco than garage rock. this was my first time seeing them, and i have to say i wasn’t that impressed. i enjoyed the songs, although it would of been nice to hear some of the older material. unfortunately their stage presence leaves something to be desired, which might be the answer to my question of why they aren’t bigger. they tried to keep the energy going but they just kind of fell a bit flat. being a local band they seemed to have a huge amount of fans in the crowd, so that helped them a bit, mainly though the crowd kind of stood there. i still am a fan of them, but i doubt i will go out of my way to see them again.

they made a huge mistake after glass candy ended, they left the crowd standing for almost an hour, listening to some sort of prerecorded mix or hidden dj. the mix of music lacked the punch of the opening dj’s set, even if it did contain several of my favorite diplo mixes. the crowd quickly got reckless. they should of saved the dj for that time.

all was forgiven when the lights dimmed and m.i.a.’s mao-esque revolutionary intro started. once that ended the (unfortunately close) strobe light started up and m.i.a. took the stage with “bamboo banga”, which i have to say is just the best first song ever written. it is also the first song on kala, it really sets a tone and the slow build up gets you ready for anything. joined on stage by the opening dj, one hype gal, and a male dancer, m.i.a. spent an hour and a half ripping through her set never stopping for a moment. my only regret of her performance was the jimmy was shortened and mixed into another song. other than that i would tell everyone that they need to see m.i.a., do not let a chance pass you by. she connects with a crowd like few artists can, and she can get you all sorts of riled up.

due to the almost constant strobe, this was the best picture i could get. m.i.a. is the sparkly blur.


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