watch out for the loop.

this is the last of the orson scott card books that morgan’s aunt bridget lent me, i have been overwhelmed with science fiction. this book follows a similar plot as treason. they both tell the story of the outcast ruler trying to make things right on a far away planet populated with people expelled from earth. while treason was an interesting look into gender and race relations in politics, wyrms is more of a statement on religion. i didn’t really like this book at first because i thought it was going to far into the realm of religous allegory. but then as the story got more developed with introduction of the other species, the geblings, the dwelfs and the gaunts, and how their history and non religion fit into the course of human development mr. card took the book into another direction. choosing to focus on the how all species are connected and not on how they are different, thus turning wyrms into a revolutionary, almost blasphemous, tale. besides the heavy religious overtones of the beginning of the book, my only other complaint is that the main conflict is resolved a bit quickly and simply. i would like the last three chapters to have been fleshed out a bit more. orson scott card is a really great writer, while his books are firmly set in science fiction, he takes them to so many different levels.


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