a sea of nodding heads.

on sunday morgan and made our way to the doug fir to see clinic. we were pleasantly surprised by how much we both enjoyed the opening act, shearwater. they have been around for a few years now and i have never payed attention to them, i kind of regret that now. they kind of have a scott walker/leonard cohen/nick cave sound. and they did the (almost) impossible and got me not to hate a song with a banjo. also their drummer can do some interesting things with a bow and a xylophone. i’m gonna have to pick up their new album when it comes out next month.

one of the reasons i like the doug fir as a venue is their punctuality, clinic came promptly at 10:30. they told us they were going to do two sets, the first with songs from the new album do it, the second with songs from the first five albums. i am well aware that clinic is one of those bands that really only have one song, sometimes played faster than other times, but i am a big fan of that one song. on the new album they added a bit of reggae and free jazz influence to their krautrockish protopunk. the songs off the new album really shined live. the second set contained a couple of songs off each of the older albums, including their “hit” “walking with thee”. clinic is a great live band, bringing a lot of energy to the show. i miss the scrubs though, i’m not quite feeling the hawiiaan shirts.

  1. sivi said:

    thx for the review Joseph ;p maybe I’ll buy ticket for their concert in my country?

  2. Josh said:

    I had read or heard that Shearwater were awesome or something approximating awesome. How does a band pull a Scott Walker or a Cohen live?
    I am glad you still like Clinic. Next time I go record shopping which has been a very rare occurrence lately I will have to pick it up.

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