matmos are probably the most famous spokesband for musique concrete, albeit a more poppy version. they tend to remove a lot of the seriousness involved with musique concrete while matiaining the intellectualism. their albums are alway’s recorded using a set concept or guidelines. in the past they have constructed an album using only plastic surgery sound samples, and made an album that was full of tributes to well known gays and lesbians. for supreme balloons they composed it entirely on vintage synths and organs, and features some collaborations with j lesser, hrvatski, terry riley, and marshall allen.

the vintage instruments used on this album give it a sound that fits right in with the classic albums of raymond scott, jean jacques perrey, gershon kingsley, hans elder and erkki kurenniemi. while the sound might be rooted in the past the production and composition of the tracks are all matmos. they have a fondness for chunky beats that, i hate to say it, can sometimes be a bit funky. normally that would be at turn off for me, but matmos can do no wrong. only some of their songs would even come close to being dancey, for the beats for the most part broken and more than a bit disjointed. also they tend to have that ability to make you a bit tense, which is something i seem to look for in music. on supreme balloons they seem to embracing some prog-rock influences. most notably in the twenty six minute title track, a sprawling organ filled epic that yes and early genesis fans would be proud of.

this is another great album for matmos. they are easily one of the most interesting and suprising groups around today. i can’t wait for the show in july. last time i saw them they sampled live spankings and did some amazing things with sound of pounding roses.

plus mc schmidt and drew daniel make a hot couple.


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