worst final two ever.

the season finale of cycle 10 of america’s next top model was the other night. for the first time in top model there was a plus size (or full figured) model in the final two. going into the finale i was rooting for her, not because she was a good model (i don’t really even like her), but because she was plus size. as a model she is just meh. her photos alway look too cataloggy. i present whitney. isn’t she huge? yes, i’m joking.

the other finalist was anya, a perky and odd woman from the strange land of hawaii. i couldn’t imagine her winning because she has the weirdest eastern european/hawaiian accent, and if there is one thing cover girl doesn’t like is accents that often need subtitles. not to mention the weird albino like makeover they gave her. at least she takes photos like a model.

so you can get a taste of her accent, and her albinoness.

this is probably the worst final runway challenge in top model history.

neither of them can walk, i kind of think that whitney and anya were pushed through just so whitney could win. they cut several of the really good models early on. lauren, claire and katarzyna really should have been the final three. anyway, it is over, whitney has won. although i don’t really trust that she won because she deserved it. thanks to fourfour for offering some possible and questionable answers.

now my early wednesday nights are free, but i still have to be home by ten for top chef.


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