infanticide to teenage make out.

this past saturday i made it to two very different shows. first was (lead decemberist) colin meloy’s solo show at the wonder ballroom. the wonder ballroom has several faults, the annoying way the separate the youngsters from the drinkers and the bad gymnasium like acoustics. i didn’t let that stop me from enjoying the show.

the opener was laura gibson an utterly charming performer very reminiscent of early cat power. only with more of a folky country twang and without the neurotic mid song breakdowns. i don’t think i would ever buy any of her albums, but i certainly wouldn’t mind catching her perform again. seeing as she is from portland, it seems a bit inevitable.

after what seemed way too long of an intermission, colin came out, and he seemed to bask in the hometown crowd’s applause. he has a presence on stage that few people can pull off, charming and nerdy, his banter had everyone laughing. i am a bit ashamed to say that i don’t really know many titles of decemberists songs, i do know that he played “the apology song”, “the engine driver”, “the sporting life”, and the original version of “the perfect crime”. he explained that when the full band recorded that version it became a bit too steely dan, so they changed it and it resulted in “the perfect crime #2”. also for some reason he played “dracula’s daughter”, which morgan and i saw him and and indie rock all star band perform at a 826 seattle benefit a couple of years ago, this song is not good. apparently that song lead to another much better song, one i don’t remember the name of, and has nothing to do with vampires. the highlight of the show for me what the new song montage, he played parts of four or five new songs that may be on the next decemberists album. the song were loosely about a couple fornicating, and a villian that kills babies. i’m certainly going to be looking forward to that album. sadly i did not stay till the end of his show, i left after about and hour and a half, i had to get going to my second show, which will be another post. i’ve looked around a bit on the interweb and couldn’t find any reviews of the show yet, but i doubt that i missed anything amazing.

  1. Josh said:

    Two shows in one night?
    You are a busy man.

  2. Audrey said:

    funny – i was just listening to my ipod on shuffle last week and heard the dracula’s daughter song. it wasn’t good and i didn’t think it was all that funny of him to sing it and keep interrupting to talk about how bad it was.

  3. exit. said:

    he did the same thing when i saw him. he really should just drop the song.

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