viewings from the queue #5.

the secret garden – not as good as remembered, but still fine.

nancy drew – i enjoyed this, it goes into the same category as clueless and legally blonde.

jane eyre – morgan continued foray into female centric english literature movies, this one was alright. it kind of felt like it was made for the hallmark channel.

pierre henry: the art of sounds – an interesting, albeit a bit shallow, look into the mind of one of the creators of musique concrete. highly recommended if you at all interested in electronic or experimental music. i wish it delved more into his music process and how he built his machines. and who were those two women that are always around him?

before the devil knows your dead – i didn’t really like this movie, i didn’t hate it either. it really had two things that i couldn’t get over. one; no good ever comes of ethan hawke. and two; there is far to many shots of marisa tomei’s boobies. so i guess if you can get over those things, you will enjoy this movie slightly more than i did.

dan in real life – i didn’t know this was a disney movie. don’t get me wrong i like disney movies, i just would of gone into it with a different mind set. also i didn’t know that that annoying comic dane cook was in it. i just like steve carrell. i guess i should do more research before i add movies to the queue. anyway. while at times painful to watch, i didn’t hate this movie. it is very disney, it is how disney handles the mid-life crisis romantic comedy. just don’t expect to laugh, you may do a bit a cringing though.


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