there will be handclaps.

on monday morgan and i went to the doug fir to see one of his favorite band cut copy. they really aren’t my kind of music. they are way too happy with their synthy pop songs mixed with booming beats. most of their songs kind of sound like new order covers. cut copy put on a good show and the crowd loved them. i felt a little bad taking a prime spot from someone that really wanted it.

the black kids opened the show, they are currently a blogoshpere favorite. much like cut copy and new order, the black kids must idolize the cure. they didn’t win me over. i will give them credit for adding a bit of sixties girl groups and the make up’s gospel yeah yeah sound. they started out a bit shaky, but by they end they had a grip of their sound. give them some time and they will be a really kick ass live band. just not my kind of thing.

while i didn’t particularly love the show, in fact i zoned out for most of it, i was far from tortured.


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