my sugar is sweet.

i am enjoying madonna’s new album. it is another album destined for the dancefloor. this time she enlisted timbaland, justin timberlake, and pharrell to help write and produce. i’ve already talked about what i think of” 4 minutes”, in the scheme of the album though the song works better. “candy shop” and “give it 2 me” (one of two song that uses the number 2 in place of ‘to’) are pure saccharine pop. kanye’s appearance on “beat goes on” makes the song almost not forgettable. also it is a bit creepy listening to “incredible” where she sings about how great sex is. most of the album is fun, at times reminding me of the spice girls, who were really just ripping off madonna anyway. hard candy may sound a bit dated and shallow, but it is still a good listen, perfect for a car ride. i really don’t ask a lot from my pop divas.

i do miss madonna ballads though, there really is no “rain”, “nothing really matters”, or “don’t tell me”. i always liked her version of the ballad.

juan camped out on the street in front of the roseland ballroom in new yorkfor two days so he could see her perform a short promo show. the show was broadcast on msn, i watched it at my friend jamie’s house and tried to spot him in the crowd. unfortunately they didn’t show that many crowd shots. the show was enjoyable, i’ll have to make a real effort to see her on her next tour.

watch the roseland show here.

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  1. Juan Romani said:

    The concert was fucking awesome and one more time MADONNA had proved to the world that she is here and she is here to stay…Long leave The Queen!

    Tick tack, Tick tack, Tick tack

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