don’t mess with pride and prejudice .


jasper fforde has become one of my favorite authors. over the past year i have read all his books. this is the latest book in his thursday next series. i always have a hard time describing these books without it sounding juvinile or uber-nerdy. thursday next is a literary detective with the ability to jump into fiction, which happens to often go out of control. within the “bookworld” there is a group called jurisfiction that help keep things in order. with all the jumping in and out of fiction the story lines of the thursday next books can often splinter off in many tangents.

first among sequels takes place fifteen years after the last thurday next book, something rotten. thursday now has kids and a happy married life. suddenly she finds herself trying to save “the now” by motivating her son, battling the book versions of herself, and trying to keep pride and prejudice from being turned into the first reality bookshow. this is a great book, highly recommended.

  1. jessamyn said:

    How funny, I finally decided that I better send you an email or I wil never see you again. I noticed a website so I skimmed around your blog (it is always interesting to see someones blog) going ok thats what he does when he doesn’t cook for crazy people and a million kids. anyway, I am right in the middle of THIS book and I looove jasper fforde. I couldn’t agree with you more I always seem like I am telling someone about Harry Potter when I talk about these books, I can’t stop reading them.

    So there you go, I am so happy that you are gone from that insane place that they call a center for young children, your new job sounds like a better fit for you. I on the other hand have been nannying and completely hate it the kids are mean and they hit me and call me names. I am trying to figure out what is next for me in the mean time I decided to take a sub position at Peoples so at least I get to hang out with adults for a couple days a week.

    Hope you are enjoying the cool weather as I am soo happy not to be trying to find someplace air conditioned to go right now.

    Cheers, Jessamyn

  2. jessamyn said:

    your clock is wrong!

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