on the burning bed, my love is red.

i discovered ed askew a few years ago while searching around on forced exposure. he was a forgotten about folk singer with a unique voice and plays the tiple (kind of a small trebley guitar with ten strings). his first album ask the unicorn , released in 1968 and reissued in 2005, became a quick favorite of mine for a while.

i only just got little eyes, recorded in 1970 but not released until 2003. while ask the unicorn was distinctly ed warped vision, little eyes, while still very ed, can often be compared to bob dylan. that is not a good thing in my book, thankfully ed’s voice is still just strangely grating enough. little eyes is also a more grounded album, less psychedelic lyrically. recording was a one person job with ed playing all the instruments on this, a bit of piano, and too much harmonica. he wanted to capture a live feel with this album, so it was all recorded in basically one sitting and one take. this is not the instant classic ask the unicorn was, it is still a fantastic gem.

“songs for pilots” – in my opinion the masterpiece of the album, and you can hear him playing the tiple.

“old mother moon”

from what i gather, he is currently recording new material. i look forward to it.

  1. SGR said:

    Hi … send an email if you’d like information about Ed Askew’s June 3 2008 release ….

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