did i imagine it would be like this?

the new bjork video for “wanderlust” is fanfuckingtastic.

the video was made by encyclopedia pictura, who also made that not quite as stunning but still really great grizzly bear video for “knife”.

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  1. Audrey said:

    i feel like i am missing out by not seeing it in 3D. it is supposed to be in 3d yes? is this a story from a fable or something? i can imagine some mountain people fable about a person going on a journey and fighting with their inner demons/self along the way. Does she sabotage herself? Is she helpful and supportive of her own ultimate goal? and what does god think of all this? perhaps the higher powers have a different plan for us, or maybe it is all just a cruel joke. Either way, I felt like when the big dog/dragon/god thing dug the new channel for the waterfall that they tried to build up suspense in the video – like, oh no! what will become of Bjork on the water buffalo? I was expecting her to fall and was waiting for it. Then they went back to the dog/dragon/god thing again and paned across the waterfall incase we forgot that was coming. I just wish I did actually feel suspense at that point or worried in someway, but I didn’t.

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