why did i wait so long?

i finally went and saw bob mould. i have had many chances to see him, i just never made it a priority, which is strange because he had a huge influence on me as a teen. the music of bob mould, ian macaye and morrissey pretty much got me through my teens, they were my soundtrack. the music and songs mr. mould produced in his seminal bands husker du and sugar was raw and showed that emotion didn’t have to be soft. i cannot tell you how many copies of sugar’s copper blue i made and forced on people. i often feel that quoting songs takes the emotion and soul from them, i am so close to do that here. i will bypass that by not posting them but by linking them for you. husker du’s “the biggest lie”, “afraid of being wrong”, sugar’s “the act we act”, “changes”, and “hoover dam”, solo songs “heartbreak a stranger”, “and see a little light” have affected me in ways cannot describe.

so why have i waited so long to see mr. mould live?

i think i was just scared that he wouldn’t live up to what i wanted him to be like. i was too late to see husker du, sugar played connecticut a couple of times but i couldn’t make it. he played a bunch of solos show in new york but i never went. then after i moved to seattle it seemed like it was just too late, i really didn’t want to see a greatest hits tour. the first time he came to seattle was after the release of his electronic album modulate, which i just don’t get, so i avoided that. he played seattle a couple more times, but i never motivated and always regretted it. so i just couldn’t miss him again.

his show at doug fir on friday night was everything i could of wanted it to be. i got there in the middle of the incredibly forgettable opening act. so i wandered around the venue a bit, it was my first time at doug fir. i like the size and feel of the place, but it does have a fire trap feel and several poorly placed handrails.

mr. mould and band took the stage quietly then blasted the crowd away with one of the loudest sets i’ve heard in a long time. the set was made up of song from all his projects, except the electronic album. the crowd went crazy for the husker du and sugar songs, which is expected, his choice of “hits” to play were perfect. he does have a new album out right now, district line (which i have to say is his strongest in a while and will be reviewed soon), so there were a few songs off that. what made this show so satisfying was that mr. mould seemed so happy to be there playing for us. the crowd was feeding off his energy was whipped up into quite a tizzy, and got a little rough.

thank you bob mould for living up to everything i wanted you to be.

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