interfering with the past.

at a recent family dinner morgan’s aunt bridget found out i was a fan of the ender saga written by orson scott card. she immediately leapt up to find this. pastwatch: the redemption of christopher columbus, which is her favorite book by card, and she has read them all. in fact she has pretty much read every book ever written.

this tells the story of a future society that has the technology to watch the past. while watching they discover that an alternate future had sent a message back in time to columbus to alter the future, leading to the future that they live in. which they quickly point out is soon doomed to extiction. so they decide to send actual people back to shape another alternate future. after much study they determine that they must change columbus’s path again to lead to another more peaceful future.

orson scott card, along with octavia butler, really stands out in the world of sci-fi. their books bridge genres, in pastwatch: the redemption of christopher columbus card uses elements of historical fiction and drama. and he does it in a way that is not forced or awkward. card’s biggest talent lays in the details. by the end of the book we know all about columbus’s life and world. we also have a total grasp of the future society and the people trying to save it.

pastwatch: the redemption of christopher columbus is a total success, well written and plotted fantastically.

while looking for the links to insert in this post i read some disturbing facts on orson scott cards wikipedia page. let me list them for those too lazy to click on the link.
1. he was raised and still is a mormon
2. he has written several books based on the bible
3. he has been a vocal supporter of george w. bush, the patriot act and the iraq war
4. he often praises fox news
5. he considers himself a democrat despite the fact that he is pro gun and writes article supporting the republican party
6. he blames pre-marital sex for the rise in crime
7. he considers same-sex marriage to be a “potentially devastating social experiment”, and has a very wishy washy stand on homosexuality in general

so with all i know about him now, i don’t know if i can continue to read his books. i already borrowed three more from bridget, so i’ll read those. but now i faced with a dilemma, should i keep reading?

  1. Morgs said:

    That’s a tough one. I think I’d have a hard time reading a book by someone I knew was a right wing asshole. But maybe not. There are lots of artists and writers whose work I appreciate without it having anything to do with who they are or were as people. CS Lewis (professional Christian), Frank Lloyd Wright (misogynist), Michael Jackson (pedophile). The hard thing for me is that his views are so contemporary, and so despicable, and so stupid that it calls into question his intelligence.

  2. Audrey said:

    i think as long as you are not supporting him by giving him money and buying his books then you are okay just make sure bridget doesn’t buy you a set for christmas or that you don’t encourage anyone else to start reading him by writing blogs about his books.

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