breakfast at the gallery.

on saturday morning audrey, erica, morgan and i went to jace gace for breakfast. i noticed their sandwich, with a big waffle on it, a while back. i am a big fan of waffle so i have been wondering about the place. last week someone at worked mentioned that she went and said it was good. she also said that they had a tiramisu waffle, it was then that i knew i had to go as soon as possible.

i should apologize for the pictures they are from my phone, and i still can’t figure out the proper way to crop them for the site.

audrey had “the trio” i think it was called. she was the only one of us to venture in the savory section.

erica had the “fruit and cream”, poached pears and fresh whipped cream.

morgan went for the “pina colada”, pineapple, bananas and coconut whipped cream.

i, of course, had the “tiramisu”. it was delicious, though sadly lacking in the espresso and the cocoa. and i enjoyed the poached pears, but what did they have to do with tiramisu?

all of which were amazing.

  1. sivi said:

    how could you…post all of these deliciuos pics! I’m already getting hungry 😦

    greetings from c.r.a.c.o.w! ;D

  2. Morgs said:

    Mmmmm waffle. I think the best part was really just the waffle itself. Next time I’m just going to get a basic waffle with maple syrup or honey. Crunchy with soft fluffy center eggy goodness.

  3. Audrey said:

    i’m hungy just looking at these. mine was the best. i’m coming over tomorrow to get more.

  4. Jenne said:

    You have to tell me where this place is!! I neeed your HELP.I got booked in Everett (Pine St.). Is there anything out there? Can U call me? 971-409-5968?

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