daylight savings, wtf?

this weekend i went up to seattle for a little trip home and to see the magnetic fields and xiu xiu. i drove up on thursday and met up with rachelle for a delightful lunch at our favorite restaurant luisas. luisas is one of the places in seattle i miss the most, rachelle and i have spent a lot of time there. their vegetarian chimichanga is the best thing in the world.

this was found at the qfc near rachelle’s house. finally an apple and a grape at the same time. sorry about the cropping, i don’t know how to fix it and morgan isn’t home to help me.

i developed a kitty shaped tumor on my leg.

thurday and friday night were two nights of the magnetic fields at town hall. i found town hall to be a torturous venue with uncomfortable padded pews, and no circulation or air conditioning. opening for the m.fs. was the interstellar radio company, a sound play group, that act out stories in an old style radio manner. one person did all the voices, one played musical accompaniment, and the third provided the sound effects. the first night they did a short story by robert sheckley, which was alright. the story was just a little too complicated, and all the characters voices were too similar. the second night we got edgar allan poe’s the tell-tale heart. maybe it had something to do with it being a more familiar story, but it was a much more successful. they were really an interesting way to open a show.

the magnetic fields themselves were, sadly i would say, just okay. between both nights we got songs from all over the stephin merrit songbook. the highlights for me the first night being “all my little words” sung by claudia, and “smoke and mirrors” from my favorite the m.fs. album get lost. the second night’s highlights were “adandoned castle of my soul” from one of the gothic archies albums, the claudia and stephin duet “yeah, oh yeah”, and “what a fucking lovely day” from the showtunes album. both night we got a healthy dose of the new album distortion. which i am happy to say are much better live.

the bad part of the show was how bratty stephin merrit was. i have seen the m.fs. several times, i totally understand his shtick. he likes to be the miserable yet lighthearted schlep, usually, he comes off as a charming, shy person. this time he was just annoying. he seemed bored and that he was being forced to be there. his usually entertaining banter with claudia was mostly incoherent, seeming to even confuse the rest of the band. his attitude put a huge damper on the shows. during the second set on the second night he did seem to relax a little, for which i think, we can thank the big glass of wine he was drinking, he almost became what i remember him being like in shows past.

stephin getting mad at me for the flashing light on my camera.

best partner ever.

saturday night i went over to my friends janet and josh’s house to visit with them and their adorable baby ben. ben is growing into a mash up of josh and janet, he definably inherited janet beautiful eyes. i haven’t seen them in a while so it was great to see them and just catch up. then i met up with audrey, rachelle, erika, and loren for a late dinner of uber modern noodle soup on capital hill. my mushroom soba came with a parmesan crisp, something that i found quite disturbing, but it had the most delicious broth. after saying good bye to the gang i headed off to chop suey for the xiu xiu show.

i hate chop suey, the redness of the lights and walls give me a headache, the sound system is horrible and the patrons always treat it more of a social event than a show, but i love xiu xiu so i went. i got there right as the second band, thao with the get down stay down, started. while not really my thing, kind of like cat power mixed with the replacments with a dash of jam band, they were fine. xiu xiu were great, dispite the flaws in the sound system. jamie stewart and company played a short set that focused mainly on women as lover, with a few classics mixed in for variety. i really like the new four member lineup. i thought i would miss the diy sampling of the original x.x. live lineup, thanks to the creativeness of the drummer and the bassist that wasn’t the case. xiu xiu really is jamie stewart, someone morgan should be worried about. he puts just as much soul and emotion into his live performance that is humanly possible.

jamie stewart, my not so secret man-crush.

while i was up in seattle i also spent three days working some shifts at the dish. it was nice to work at the dish again. also there was the benefit of working with all my friends barb, rachel, mandy, andres, silvestre, olga, janet and elena. all people i like and should really spend more non-work related time with. the weekend was very busy, i kind of forgot how painful line work can be, my body is so sore.

barb in action on the line, she’s going to kill me for posting this.

i only realized friday that it was daylight saving time this weekend. that meant that saturday night when i got back to audrey’s after the xiu xiu show, it was one a.m., i had to bump the clock up an hour to two a.m. and set the alarm to go off at five fifteen a.m. so i could get to the dish in time to set up for sunday’s service. so i got a listless three hour nap, i kept waking up to check the time, worried i might oversleep. then i worked ten hours at the dish, went back to audrey’s, showered, visited audrey at work to give her the key back, then left for portland at five fifteen. i was so exhausted that i had to stop and get a red bull, my second one ever, so that i wouldn’t fall asleep. i made it to portland around eight thirty. thus ending my mini break.

  1. Josh said:

    Your visit to seattle has reminded me that we don’t get enough of you.

  2. Clara said:

    I saw that Magnetic Fields show!!

  3. Nick Wilson said:

    I saw Xiu Xiu play in Portland. that show gave me nightmares. sweet sweet nightmares.

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