the only bone that shows.

baby dee was someone i had to aquire a taste for. she is definably in the same family as antony, in fact she was one of the original johnsons. for some reason though she didn’t click with me right away, but i kept trying. i really wanted to like her, everyone over at justonestar (the antony forum i frequent) loves her, and i like to belong. after i while i started to get it, she finally sneaked her way into my musical subconscious. she stopped sounding like a singing frog and i understood the beauty that was there all along. i went through a very similar process with devendra banhart.

according to wikipedia this is her sixth album, and her debut on a somewhat major label. it is only the third album of hers that i have heard though, and by far this is the most accessible. safe inside the day is a complete success as an album, brilliantly written and produced. i have to give andrew w.k. some credit for his production work. the songs themselves are wonderful, it would be hard to choose a favorite, i have had all of them stuck in my head for a week now. this is a hard review for me to write because i feel like i don’t fully grasp the ideas of most of the songs yet. this is one of those albums that clicked right away, it just may take me some time to fully digest it.

this should have also been a review of her show at the doug fir, but i was too sick to attend. now after spending some time with this album, i am even more upset.

between the new erykah badu and this album it has been a fine week for the ladies on my ipod.

these videos really don’t do her justice.

“fresh out of candles”

some older material. “look what the wind blew in” and “small wonder”


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