i can bring whole cities to ruin,

i have been watching buffy, for about the fifth time, i kind of had an idea of making a list of the times that buffy almost makes me cry, but that would have ended up horribly embarrassing. my other goal was to watch the musical episode again, and for some reason i couldn’t just watch that one episode, i needed to watch all five and a half seasons that lead up to the musical. which is hard because it means suffering through the riley saga, and the introduction of dawn. it also meant falling in love with anya and tara all over again. i just heard about the buffy reunion happening at something called paleyfest, and there have been some internet rumors (or wishful thinking) that there might be something happening in buffyland. a man can only dream.

it took me about two months to get to the musical. how much do i love this damn episode. i’ve watched it twice!

i’ve got a theory/bunnies/if we’re together – when it comes to musicals i love successful conversation songs.


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