viewings from the queue #2.

maxed outimagine that michael moore made a documentary about credit card companies for pbs, this is what it would be. much like sicko, there is really nothing new here, but it is was good to see it. there was a woman in it whose voice drove me crazy, kind of a whispered nails on a chalkboard, so be warned about her.

abba: the movie – as a young gay i avoided abba, they were too much of a gay cliche for me, secretly i always knew i would love them. a few months ago i got their first couple of albums and got kind of obsessed. this movie was great, if you are in anyway an abba fan, you should see this. it’s kind of a documentary of their 1976 australian tour, with the “story” of a reporter who needs to get an interview with them. above recommended but not quite highly recommended.

beowulf – we mostly watched this out of curiosity. it was a good movie, but highly flawed. the animation of everything except the humans was impeccable. grendel and the dragon were both impressive, and the scenery and landscapes looked almost real. there are many unnecessary shot of scenery that are really just animatory wankery. the humans on the other hand seemed like mannequins that came to life, but still can’t quite move their eyes. so that was a little distracting. the animation company still needs more experience in perspectives. there were several scenes where the characters that were on different levels and one of them seemed giant. especially one scene involving a horse and a spear that was almost confusing. onto the story, which is what saved the movie. they only stray slightly from the original story. i have to give some credit to neil gaiman who wrote the script, this was much better than stardust.

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