music from the box.

i have a large stack of cd’s that need covers made, one of the few crafts that i do. for quite a while now i have been making all sorts of excuses for not taking care of them. first came the moving, then the unpacking, the holidays, the track lists aren’t typed, etc, etc, etc. last weekend i finally started the process. most of the music in the pile has been on my computer, but i rediscovered two albums that were copied for me and just got lost in the shuffle.

first up comes mrs miller’s album wild, cool & swinging. the album came to me from my friend barb. mrs miller is a perfect combination of my love of vibrato filled stange voices and kitschy covers. she developed quite a name for herself in the sixties. the cd barb made me is a collection of covers including; “monday monday”, “moon river”, “a groovy kind a love”, several beatles songs and many more hits of the late 50’s. the main reason this got lost in the shuffle is because itunes couldn’t recognise it and i never went through and filled out the info, yes i am that lazy sometimes. now it is fully labeled and ready to be added to the rotation on the pod.

the second rediscovered album was given to me by josh. very few people understand my taste in music, josh is one of them, his recommendations have never failed me. this album is the soundtrack to the 70’s british television show the tomorrow people. when he gave to me last year i remember listening to it on my stereo for a week straight, i must of then put it in the cd cover pile without ever putting it on my computer. much of the soundtrack was done by delia derbyshire , brian hodgson and david vorhaus, pioneers of electronic music in the hugely influential bbc radiophonic workshop, and members of fantastic white noise. much of the music was created using tape loops made the old fashioned way, with razors and tape. i love this kind of thing.

here is delia expliaining how she works. if anyone knows where i can find the full documentary please let me know.

  1. Josh said:

    This lady started that whole radiophonic workshop along with Derbyshire and Vorhaus
    From what I heard on Resonance FM and the OST show its a wee bit heavy and amazing. School children and electronics two great combinations.

    Click link below

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