viewings from the queue.

the invasion – i had read several bad reviews of this movie, but i still wanted to see it because of my admiration of nicole kidman and daniel craig. i think they make a hot couple, have you seen the golden compass? this movie was a mess from the beginning. this was a sad sad movie. it was obviously filmed before daniel craig got all buff and sexy for james bond, and they apparently had to reshoot some scenes after he buffed up, the differences were so obvious. the invasion would almost be so bad it’s good, were it not for nicole kidman and daniel craig, so it’s just sad.

creatures from the pink lagoon – this movie was recommended to us by netflix. when i saw it starred nick garrison, one of my favorite actors out of seattle, i added it to our queue. it was a delightfully campy gay zombie (very) independent film.

dedication – this movie got added to the queue becaue amy sedaris was in the credits. it turns out she is only in it for a few minutes. the movie though wasn’t that bad. it follows a typical rom com formula while being a darkly quirky tale of a childrens book author and his illustrators. dedication almost of falls into the trap of trying to be deeper than it really is. the movie did win my heart, sort of, when the author (who is terrified of driving in cars) is riding in the back seat of a car clutching his messenger bag and wearing a helmet. billy crudup really pulled that scene off.


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