okay, i get it.

becuase of his marvelous book the botany of desire i will probably buy every book michael pollan writes. the botany of desire was written so well, and gave such an interesting perspective on how plants can shape lives and society, it quickly became one of my favorite books. not to mention one of my most recommended and lent out, and i hardly ever lend out books. my copy of the botany of desire has made it all around the world and is unfortunately missing. if someone reading this has it, please give it back.

in defense of food, his third book about food since the botany of desire, just dosen’t live up to its predecessors. while the omnivore’s dilemma was far from perfect, it had quite a bit of interesting information, much of which is repeated in this book. having read nutritionist marion nestle food triology food politics, safe food and what to eat this book is kind of redundant. if you can read what the band around the lettuce on the cover says (“eat food, not too much, mostly plants”), then you get the point of the book.

the writing style that i fell in love with in the botany of desire, which was barely there in the omnivore’s dilemma, is gone and replaced with kind of an upper class smugness. he seems to assume, and probably likely so, that only the well off would read this book.

so if you haven’t read the marion nestle books, or michael pollan’s previous books, you will probably enjoy this book, or at least find it interesting. really though i think everyone should just run our and read the botany of desire.


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