all i need?

radiohead is coming to america yet again. as usual i plan on seeing them as many times as i possibly can. over the last couple tours i have driven up to vancouver b.c., and flown to nyc and northern california. this tour shouldn’t be much different. i am planning on going to vancouver b.c. and seattle, and have already mobilized my east coast team to be ready for when the nyc shows were announced. planning my trip “home” to be around the shows. they announced the cities awhile ago, and they have been slowly announcing the dates, painfully slowly.

last week it was announced that they were going to headline two days of the all points west festival, in new jersey on august 8th and 9th. i got excited figuring that the nyc dates would be announced soon. then it was announced that those festival dates were the only nyc appearance this summer. i’m not really a big fan of festivals, so i am a little saddened. i was looking forward to seeing them at madison square garden again.

festivals to me are more like and endurance tests, how many people can you handle? how many other bands can you sit through? how much are you willing to pay for food and water? are you willing to use that port-a-potty?

i will admit that there are several other bands playing both days that i wouldn’t mind seeing; animal collective (huge plus), girl talk, underworld and a couple others. i don’t think that would make up for the torture of the rest of it though.

should i suck it up and go to a festival?

where are the west coast dates?

“jigsaw falling into place”

“unravel” bjork cover

“15 step”


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