the grammy’s could learn something.

a couple of weeks ago keight, morgan and i suffered through the many hours of the grammy awards just so we could see the rihanna and amy winehouse performances. in the tradition of the grammy’s they ruined the show with too much talking and performances that just killed any joy that one can get out of the music. why do they feel the need to make everyone collaborate, beyonce does not need tina turner, and no one really needed to see fergie with john legend. thankfully i blocked most of the gospel travesty (featuring aretha franklin) from my memory. rihanna’s perfermance was ruined by the awkwardness of mixing her with the time, be thankful i couldn’t find a decent video of it. the only thing that saved the show was kanye west’s performance with daft punk, and amy winehouse. ms. winehouse couldn’t be paired with anyone because due to “visa issues” she couldn’t make it to the show, so she performed from a club in london.

the grammy people do a good job of keeping the performances off you tube, so here is the best i can do. and i don’t know how long they’ll be there.

kanye and daft punk performing “stronger”, kanye went on to do “hey mama” also. this video must have been made by a daft punk fan. really your not missing much.

amy winehouse singing “you know i’m know good” and “rehab”, i think the club setting really suits her.

onto what the grammy’s could learn. the brit awards were held yesterday, while i couldn’t watch the show, the performances are all over the web. they don’t seem to mess with the artist. sure there were collaborations, they just weren’t as forced as the grammy’s were.

mika opened the show with a medley of his hits and a guest apperance by beth ditto of the gossip. sadly she is a little lost in the mix. he is not really that known in the u.s, i became quite smitten with his album last summer.

rihanna performs “umbrella” with the klaxons as her band. i know nothing of the klaxons, but i am strangely growing to love rihanna. i threw my hipster cred out the window long ago.

and of course ms. winehouse made an apperance doing a kind a shaky “love is a losing game”. they tried to capture the club feel, but just don’t quite do it. she really has something though.


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