another reason to dislike nixon.

after months of languishing at the top of our netflix queue with the dreaded “long wait” next to it, we finally got sicko the other day.  and conveniently morgan and i were both sick last night so we watched it.

sicko seemed to be a little toned down for a usual michael moore documentary.  which can be a good thing, he can tend to go over the top sometimes, certain parts of fahrenheit 911 come to mind.   unlike his other films though sicko didn’t really tell us anything that we didn’t already know, in a way it was nice to put a face to the name.  moore does what he does best, expose facts that should be public knowledge, but aren’t.  they only thing that worries me is that only people that already agree with him will see this, i don’t think it will really solve anything in the long run. which leads me to wonder…

has any documentary ever made a big difference?

regardless of that.  sicko is a great documentary, with sad and touching moments handled without exploitation. like all of michael moore documentaries, it should be seen by everyone.


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