can i be a joy-obliterating erotophobe.

i am a big fan of this stlye of writing. david rakoff is in the same club as david sedaris, sarah vowell, and jonathan ames. they all tell stories from their lives and make them sound much more interesting than any of our lives are, or well mine anyway.

don’t get too comfortable is david’s second book, it came out a couple of years ago. i’ve waited to read it because, honestly, his first book (fraud) wasn’t that good. it was alright, it just did do much for me. i am glad i picked this one up though. the stories are interesting involving hooters airlines, log cabin republicans, and becoming a citizen (rakoff was canadian). while not as funny as his friends, the situations he puts himself in, and his comments on them, are very entertaining. a few of the stories do seem kind of phoned in though, especially the one about a photo shoot in cayo espanto, off the coast of belize. he kind of stumbles through it. the story of him working as a pool boy in miami beach is a bit forced, and seems to have been padded with a bit of filler to meet a word count.

still a good read though. not perfect, but good.

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