was there a wench?

big thanks to dana for getting keight and i tickets to portland center stage production of the beard of avon, a comedy written by amy freed. the play was about the possibility that shakespeare didn’t really write his material. while i am aware that there are many theories out there, i don’t really know that much about them.

amy freed’s version has will shakspere leaving his wife to become an actor. when he finally land’s a role as a spear shaker he gets involved with a lord who wants to write plays by needs a ghost writer so he enlists will. this eventually lead to will’s name being a brand that anyone and everyone wanted to use to publish.

this was the third production i’ve seen at portland center stage, and each time i’ve been impressed. previously i’ve seen cabaret and a christmas carol, both of which were excellently cast and had pretty impressive sets. with the beard of avon they continue with the good casting darius pierce as will was genius casting, he played him as this comic flop with a heart of gold. then as will’s wife, who follows him to london in the guise of a whore, catherine lynn davis was totally charming. the beard is being done in repertory with twelfth night, so i am more impressed knowing that they have to have two plays in there heads, and somehow keep them straight.  good job!

i have to ask though, where was the wench? the program promised us a wench. i saw a wife, a whore and a mistral, but no wench. i feel a little cheated.

one sad note for the evening was that my beloved umbrella of four years broke in the practically hurricane force winds on the walk home. i will miss that umbrella.


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