shori, i hardly got to know you.

i am part of what i like to call rachelle’s book club.  rachelle reads hundreds of books a month, and every now and then she tosses one at me.  she is almost always right that i will like the book, no matter how random the subject is.  i thought that me moving to portland would be the end of the club;  thankfully that is not the case.

this was the first octavia butler book i have read, and it was the last book she wrote before she passed away two years ago.  i’ll have to read some more of her books because i like her writing style; she has a talent for conversation, which is rare in science fiction.

fledgling is a sci-fi vampire story about a girl, shori, who wakes up in a cave with amnesia. she then goes on a quest to discover what and who she is. at first i found the story a little simple and a bit trashy (which is not a bad thing), as the story progresses and you learn more about shori and her back-story the book deepens a bit.  the highlight of the book is the trial to determine the fate of shori’s attackers.  the psychological back and forth is rather engaging, if a bit over explained.  the ending of the book seemed a little rushed and open ended.  which leads me to think two things, which are kind of contradictory of each other.  first, that she didn’t take this book too seriously and just got bored with it at a point.  second, that she may have had plans to expand on it in a second book.  the ending had the feeling of it being a “part one”.

if sci-fi vampires sound like your thing this book is for you.

  1. notafood said:

    i will assume that you purposefully did not mention the, um, taboo aspects of this book. so i will not mention them either. but that is at least half of what made it a page turner – saying “no, she didn’t!” we’ll add shori as a VILTF.

    your homework is now _parable of the sower_. my personal fav by octav.

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