tyra must have put a spell on me.

damn top model marathons, they are always on. we have seen all the seasons multiple times, yet we can’t stop watching them. we have the same problem with project runway marathons. why are these endlessly watchable?

i know it has something to do with tyra being a litte bit crazy.

and occasionally you get people like jade.

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  1. jen said:

    I quit my semi-monthly blogging habit on Friendster, then went to Myspace b/c that is where all my friends were, and now they are slowly converting to real blog sites. Although, Nina was first w/ the livejournal, I have to give her props…

    I do believe that kids should be taught HTML & its variations in elementary school, it’s going to be the new language of their generation. its too bad myspace makes it too easy. basic knowelege of HTML is the only reason why I have the slightest clue about web stuff, and even though I was a CS major, I was always more of a math/networking person than a web designer. I should petition the Manchester Board of Ed to require HTML literacy to graduate from Middle School, ha like they even require basic literacy! My defacto stepkid goes there so I can say that. Anyway I like the new site!

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