time and time and time and time again.

i have expressed my love of M.I.A.’s version of “jimmy” many times to a lot of people. i seem to be entering a disco phase. i’ve known it was a cover of an old bollywood song but had no luck tracking the original down. well, thanks to pitchfork here it is.

here is the M.I.A. version.

and since i also love of montreal here is their version. sadly not in video form.

i really didn’t intend for this to turn into a youtube blog, but what can you do.

  1. Josh said:

    You can’t beat the original because of it’s grittiness? To me it’s what makes Kala listenable. That and Paper Planes and Bird Flu.
    Thank you for the posts and the new blog domain looks good and suites you well.

  2. Don said:

    Interesting. I recognized the tune, but not because of the M.I.A. The original has been one of the songs in regular rotation at DJ Anjali’s monthly bhangra night at the Fez. The YouTube video is a gem. Jimmy IS a coward, and deserves to have shoes thrown at him for his glower and for not dancing with the lively girl with the cameltoe.

  3. Morgs said:

    I like the original better, the song and the video and the set. I know that guy Jimmy is supposed to be staring at her with, what, lust? Anger? Longing? But the expression on his face reads more like “What the Fuck?” Which is what I was thinking too! And I love MIA but she totally ripped off that many-hands-in-unison dance thing from a viral video that went around a while back. And I think it was Thai or something. Tyra- “Steel from the best, but make it your OWN.”

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