eye of the marjane.

“Persepolis” finally opened here in portland. although i have never read the graphic novels that the film is based on, i have been looking forward to seeing it. i wasn’t let down. the film was touching, funny, sad and educational. and the animation style is simple and beautiful.

  1. Morgs said:

    Loved it. Funny and sad and sweet. Engrossing.

  2. keight said:

    it turns out I’ve been operating under the misguided information that there were more Persepolis books not yet translated into english. turns out the story was published in four parts in france, but the french #1 and #2 were combined to the english #1 and then #3 and #4 were combined into #2. so the movie does comprise the whole story! a few people told me there were more books and apparently none of us ever realized the error.

    A LOT is edited out. I’d forgotten many details of the story, like things about her relationship with her husband and art projects she was involved with. certain parts are taken exactly, word for word, from the book, like her grandmother’s response to her announcement of divorce.

    some people I know are kind of hating on what was cut out, but I think the editing was well done since an animated mini-series would have never happened.

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